Junkbite Functionality

Overview of all functions available to a user.

Create a post:

This is where you start a general thread, post text, pictures, videos, links.. Whatever you want. The text you add to the 'body' section can be formatted using markdown. Here is a markdown reference: https://www.markdownguide.org/basic-syntax

Create a meme:

This is where you can easily create a meme. It will look like a twitter meme.


This page shows all content that contains media. (images, gifs, videos) Clicking on one of these tiles will bring you to that specific thread


This page shows all the content that was created using the create meme page. Media is required to create a meme so all of these tiles will have images, gifs, videos on them as well.


All content is here, in list format, ranked by the number of comments. This will change if this website gains any traction, as I understand how easy it is to spam comments to get your post to the top.

Post Page:

Each post or meme has a page where users can comment in that thread with words, images, and videos. Clicking the [search image] link will search that image on google image search. This is one way to find similar images and to check if this is an original image if it is not found anywhere else on the web. Clicking the filename will let you view the full image in its own page, and will also let you see what the file was named on the original poster's computer. Clicking the download button will save that file to your device. Now you can create a post or meme with that same image.


Comments are the backbone to the website and the comment system is designed to encourage discussion. Each comment, including the original post has an ID on it. It looks like No.69 for example. You can click this ID and it will automatically add a link to the comment you are responding to in your comment. All replies to comments get appended to that comment as a link so it can be read through quickly. Hovering over a link with your mouse will show the comment as well.