junkbite is for sharing images, gifs, and videos with others.
Its also a place to discuss things. Please read the rules before posting.

junkbite is similar to other forum websites
But theres a twist. Content doesn't stay on for long. When it becomes stale it gets removed, forever.

This format means it needs an active community to have any content. As the community grows the content will get deleted faster so discussions will take place in the moment with whoever is currently online.

For any content to get saved and trends to be created, it takes users in the community to take it upon themselves to download the image or screenshot the discussions, and the later post it themselves or use that format to make there own post.

A person's profile only consists of their content that hasn't gone stale yet. It all content will go stale. So this website is not for building up internet clout or growing a following or anything else. Its just for having fun online.

Content will be judged on the content. No upvoting, no post history.
This is a hard idea to sell to people because no one uses the web like this anymore, but I do believe this is a superior way to use the web.
Its entirely possible that I am wrong.